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LaVar Ball is a National Treasure

And it will work in Kent State’s favor

NCAA Basketball: Washington State at UCLA Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Mr. Ball has been in the news quite a bit lately. Some would say it’s for all the wrong reasons. But is it?

He is bragging about his sons. I am ok with that.

He is talking trash about guys that played in the NBA a long time ago. Go to the corner bar and you will hear similar stories. Right now, there is a guy in North Carolina talking about all the points he scored on Michael Jordan back in high school, and if one or two breaks went his way, by golly he would be the GOAT.

Last, but not least, LaVar wants a 1 billion dollar shoe deal for his kids. He threw a number out there, that might seem ridiculous, but that doesn’t mean someone isn’t going to come back with a much lower number that would still need a truck to haul.

At the end of the day, he has raised three sons that are all good basketball players, and his family is going to be rich because of it. There is no real scandal here. No crimes committed. One knock I hear is, “Those mean NBA players are going to be vicious to his son, Lonzo Ball, on the court because of the publicity.” News flash, those NBA players get paid 10s of millions of dollars because they are vicious to EVERYONE on the court. People are actually coming to the defense of his kid, because they hate the dad. Think about the genius of that.

In wrestling terms, he is the heel. He is the bad guy that most root against, but some, like me, actually root for. Sports are entertainment, and he is entertaining. And that’s why it’s great for the Kent State Golden Flashes. Their draw in the NCAA tournament this year is brutal. On the West Coast, playing a West Coast team, at 10 p.m. EST. Not only are the UCLA Bruins basically at home, they are a great team that has only lost 4 games this season. Aside from having the great freshman, they actually have quality seniors, something that is rare for contenders in the modern one and done era.

Kent State was probably never going to win their first round game. It’s the NCAA tournament, and anything can happen, even in this game where so many chips are stacked against them. But here is why LaVar Ball is great for the Golden Flashes. A lot more people are going to be watching that otherwise would have, and there will be moral victories.

If Lonzo starts the game 1 for 4, regardless of the score, twitter will explode with hashtags and memes. Some will even focus on the Golden Flashes. And if they actually pull off the upset, it wont just be another 14 knocking off a 3. It will be talked about for years as the greatest game college basketball ever saw.

Kent State is in a much better spot because of this publicity. They just need to go out, play their game, and good things will happen. In this day and age, it’s been proven time and again, all publicity is good publicity, and the Golden Flashes will get their share.