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HBDD: Timothy Dalton has a license to kill Tuesday news and notes

Cooper Rush pro day, EMU gymnastics, Bobcat softball

Over 700 James Bond Toys Spanning All The Films Are Up For Auction Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

It’s gotta be awesome to be James Bond. I mean, think about it. Great tuxedos. Unlimited ammo. Cool toys. Aston-Martins. The women! Oh, the women! But there’s a downside to playing an iconic legendary role that spans time and careers and that’s when someone else comes along and plays it better than you ever could. Say hello, Timothy Dalton, who celebrates his 73rd birthday today.

For Dalton, he’s notorious for playing everyone’s favorite British agent, sure. But ask any true Bond aficionado and they put Dalton fourth (at best) behind Connery, Craig, and Brosnan. That’s a Mt. Rushmore of action/adventure heroes who wear tuxedos while kicking booty and taking names.

Regardless of how you have him ranked with the other Bonds, it’s Dalton’s birthday. Time for some news and notes.... with a bullet.

Cooper Rush is getting set for the NFL Draft | Central Michigan Life
It’s Pro Day for everyone’s favorite CMU QB... named Cooper. Rush’s NFL future is murky at best, but to hear him excited about the process and hoping to land on a roster is hope inspiring for the rest of us.

Ohio softball off to record start | The Post
The Bobcats were picked to win the MAC, but even those that prognosticated the Bobcats’ success couldn’t have seen the best record since 1995 to start the season.

EMU heading to gymnastics regionals | EMUEagles
We nicknamed the hoops Eagles 3MU, but that doesn’t really apply to gymnastics and 10MU just doesn’t have the same panache. The Eagles will head to Champaign for hot NCAA regional action on April 1. You should go and enjoy yourself, and walk away with a new appreciation for your own lack of athletic ability.

Coach Wife Acting Crazy Brings the NCAA Hammer | KentuckySportsRadio
It’s been a curious case study of what is and isn’t fair game in this new media age. News to every coach in the MAC: if your spouse is at a ballgame acting a fool and perhaps intoxicated, we’re going to film it. We’re going to publish it. Then we’re going to get lit with her. Sorry, not sorry.