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Western Michigan’s Thomas Wilder is Exploring His Place in the 2017 NBA Draft

Per the Broncos Website, the junior is going to see where his NBA future stands

NCAA Basketball: Western Michigan at UCLA Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Per the Western Michigan Broncos website, Thomas Wilder is entering his name for the NBA draft. He is not going to hire an agent. With the new rules in place since 2016, he has until May 24th to make a decision to return for his senior season.

As quoted in the article on, Wilder said, "I have met with our University compliance officer and it has been explained to me what I am allowed to do during this process," Wilder said. “Whatever I do, I will not jeopardize my eligibility in any way that would prevent me from returning for my senior season at Western Michigan. Again, I will lean heavily on my parents and Coach Hawkins throughout this process. With their help, I know that I will make the right decision."

This is a smart move by the junior, and one of the few rules out there that specifically benefits the student athlete. It will allow him to see how much interest the NBA has in him, and also let him know what to work on if he does decide to return to school.

Having averaged 20 points per game in conference play as a sophomore, and being named first team all conference this year, he is poised to have a fantastic senior season. The Broncos return all their major contributors, except Tucker Haymond. A run at the NCAA tournament, and possibly a win or two in the tournament, and he could parlay that success into a first round selection, a la Antonio Daniels. So staying makes sense.

Then again, if the NBA says that they will pay him right now, he can go get the money. It’s really a win either way.