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Coach Whitford Rumor Mill, Part 2

It appears the Ball State coach is staying

Kenneth Bailey

According to Jon Rothstein, and an article by Fan Rag Sports, Coach Whitford, of the Ball State Cardinals, is no longer a candidate for the Duquesne Dukes job.

It’s not surprising that he decided to stay, at least for now. His team is loaded, potentially for the next two seasons. Duquesne is a low tier A-10 school. If they came calling, after another 20+ win season bigger fish will be on the line.

After scoring a total of 12 wins in his first two seasons, the sky is now the limit for this team that has won 20+ the last 2.

If you asked me to pick three types of players to build a team around, I would say I first want a gamer point guard that can shoot. They have that in sophomore Tayler Persons. I would next want a big man that can be in imposing presence on both ends of the floor, and can run. They have that in sophomore Trey Moses. Finally, I would want a tall, athletic guy that can play great defense and has a huge ceiling. They have that in sophomore Tahjai Teague.

I think this team is ready for big things, regardless of the coach. If Whitford rides it out the entire time, it’s much more of a guarantee.