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Bowling Green at Eastern Michigan: In Pictures

Baseball through the lens of Belt photog Kenneth Bailey

The Bowling Green and Eastern Michigan coaches exchange line up cards.
Kenneth Bailey

Every year I try to catch a couple Eastern Michigan baseball games. Oestrike Stadium is a pretty nice place to watch baseball and it’s fairly photographer friendly. I’m still getting used to shooting baseball because I don’t get out to enough games. Following college baseball for a northern team is pretty tough because by the time they are playing at home about half of the season is over with.

Anyway, it was a pretty nice night, so I decided to get some Eastern Michigan baseball pictures. They were playing Bowling Green and when I left after the third inning, the game was tied. Bowling Green would eventually build a 6-3 lead but Eastern Michigan fought back to win the game 7-6.

I’m not sure how many games I will catch but when I do, you folks will get some pictures out of them.