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Michael Weathers, MAC Freshman of the Year, is Transferring, Along with His Brother Marcus

In the modern era, bad news always comes via a tweet. In this case, there were two.

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There is still no word on who is going to be coaching for the Miami RedHawks since they fired John Cooper. One thing that is now certain, however, is that the new guy won’t be graced by the presence of Michael Weathers. Per a tweet, he is exploring his transfer options.

Aside from averaging 16.7 points and 4.8 assists per game as a freshman, he also keeps his phone charged at a respectable level. So many of these screen shots from the kids today show the battery in the red.

Weathers is a first rate talent, and his winning Freshman of the Year was no fluke.

Along with losing the Freshman of the Year, Miami also lost his twin brother.

Marcus Weathers is also a talent. He averaged almost 10 points a game on 51% shooting. He also pulled down 6 rebounds per game.

Both players are raw, and both were thrown to the wolves in a very tough situation. I am going to be keeping an eye on their progress at their new place, wherever that may be. My guess is that they will land at the same place, maybe in their native Kansas. While the Jayhawks are certainly a possibility, so are a few other Big 12 programs nearby.