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The All-MAC Women’s Basketball Teams and The Individual Awards Were Announced

Accolades for a job well done

Kenneth Bailey

MAC Player of the Year (First Place Votes)

  1. Larissa Lurken, Kent State (18)
  2. Ally Lehman, NIU (12)
  3. Tinara Moore, Central Michigan (10)
  4. Quiera Lampkins, Ohio (3)
  5. Renee Bennett, Ball State (2)

MAC Freshman of the Year

  1. Lauren Dickerson, Miami (37)
  2. Janae Poisson, Northern Illinois (3)
  3. Summer Hemphill, Buffalo (2)
  4. Amani Burke, Ohio (1)
  5. Shaunay Edmonds, Akron (1)
  6. Mariella Santucci, Toledo (1)

All-MAC Honorable Mention

  • Hannah Plybon, Akron
  • Carmen Grande, Ball State

All-MAC Third Team

  • Jewel Cotton, Central Michigan
  • Reyna Frost, Central Michigan
  • Mikaela Boyd, Toledo
  • Jay-Ann Bravo-Harriott, Toledo
  • Breanna Mobley, Western Michigan
  • Meredith Shipman, Western Michigan

All-MAC Second Team

  • Moriah Monaco, Ball State
  • JoAnna Smith, Buffalo
  • Jordan Korinek, Kent State
  • Quiera Lampkins, Ohio
  • Janice Monakana, Toledo

All-MAC First Team

  • Renee Bennett, Ball State
  • Presley Hudson, Central Michigan
  • Tinara Moore, Central Michigan
  • Larissa Lurken, Kent State
  • Ally Lehman, Northern Illinois

Sixth Player of the Year

Destiny Washington, Ball State

Defensive Player of the Year

Tinara Moore, Central Michigan

MAC All-Defensive Team

  • Calyn Hosea, Ball State
  • Stephanie Reid, Buffalo
  • Tinara Moore, Central Michigan
  • Jasmine Weatherspoon, Ohio
  • Deja Wimby, Western Michigan

MAC All-Freshman Team

  • Summer Hemphill, Buffalo
  • Lauren Dickerson, Miami
  • Janae Poisson, Northern Illinois
  • Amani Burke, Ohio
  • Mariella Santucci, Toledo

A few things jumped out at me. Quiera Lampkins was 4th in POY voting, but didn’t make the first team.

6 Players received votes for Freshman of the Year, but Lauren Dickerson received 37 out of 45 votes.

3 Huskies finished in the top 15 in scoring, but only Ally Lehman made an All-MAC team, including honorable mention.

That sound you hear is me patting myself on the back. Over a month ago I called 4 out of the 5 on the freshman team.

There aren’t any egregious errors, and there may not be any errors at all, it was just some things I noticed.