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MAC Tournament Round 1 - EMU-NIU in Pictures

One of the EMU cheerleaders at the game.
Kenneth Bailey

After leaving the Convocation Center Friday night with a bit of disappointment after the loss to Toledo. I found out that Northern Illinois and Bowling Green lost which meant that Eastern Michigan would host the first game of the MAC Tournament in Ypsilanti. It would be a battle of two pretty evenly match teams in the form of Eastern Michigan Vs. Northern Illinois. They both had identical records and they split the season series. For some reason, I figured that Eastern Michigan had a slight edge.

It was a back and forth game and it almost seemed like Eastern was going to let it slip away. Especially as they missed many of their free throws at the end. They lost Baylee Steele, Jordon Nobles and Blake Brown to fouls. They nearly lost James Thompson but he managed to maintain his four fouls. I have a feeling that if they lost him, Northern Illinois would be facing Akron on Thursday.

Eastern Michigan managed to survive long enough to pull out the 72-69 victory. This came on the backs of Raven Lee and James Thompson.

Enough about are the pictures. Enjoy. Unless Eastern Michigan pulls off a miracle and advances to the finals on Saturday, this will be my last game of the season. It’s been fun. I will however, see you folks at the Spring Game in a few weeks.