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HBDD: Sergio Garcia wants news and notes with his green jacket

Volleyball HOF, Fleck Behind the Scenes, Hammer Time Coach

The Masters - Final Round Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

It’s funny how no matter who is in the mix at Augusta on Sunday, there’s always high drama and storylines out the wazoo. In some respects, it’s the MACtion of golf tournaments. It may not be under the Tuesday night lights, but the amount of oddities that occur, weird kicks, and strange (almost celestial) bounces that inevitably transpire are reminiscent of the MACtion we have all come to know and love on crisp fall days (or weeknights as the case may be).

Is there a better couch day than Masters Sunday? No, no there isn’t. If you think otherwise you must have never known the pleasure of napping and snacking while watching five hours of bird chirping and golf shots. You should schedule accordingly next year. It’s amazing.

For those of you who didn’t watch Sunday, you missed Sergio Garcia earn his first Masters title. He’s been second four times over his career in majors, but winning a major now removes him from the “Best to Never Win a Major” kind of lists, which is a good thing. I mean, I’ve won probably 56 on Tiger Woods PGA on Xbox, so he’s got a ways to go. Biggest bonus of the day? No punk from home emailed him some piddly rules violation. Man, those guys are the worst.

On to the news and notes...

Akron’s John Groce Set to Clean Up in Final Four Contract Years | Crain’s Cleveland Business
Akron fans are worried about their new head coach, but if the contract is any indication, continuing the winning in Akron will be financially lucrative for Groce. Lucrative in the form of increased base pay and performance bonuses. All the details can be found at the link above.

Shondell and McManama Inducted to MIVA HoF | BSUSports
If you follow college volleyball you know that the Shondells are the First Family of volleyball. Don Shondell and Jerre McManama are former Ball State men’s and women’s head men and they are now both MIVA Hall of Fame inductees. I would encourage you to take a read just so you’re aware of two absolute LEGENDS from MAC programs.

PJ Fleck and a Hard Knocks Style Series? Closer Than You Think | Star Tribune
Is there a better head coach for this type of thing than Fleck? I suggest that there is not. I’ll be watching. You should too.

Coach Goes Full Hammer Time [VIDEO] | FootballScoop
Speaking of coaches that generate some eyeballs and attention because of their antics, no matter what your coach may have done it pales in comparison to this. Break out the parachute pants because it is go time.