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2017 Central Michigan Chippewas men’s basketball season recap... in haiku

The five, seven, five/style is the only way/to be honest here.

Kenneth Bailey

The 2016-2017 campaign was a season of ups-and-downs for the Chippewas.

The Chips saw more national exposure than many expected for a team that was the preseason selection to finish last in the MAC West. While they eventually finished there, it wasn’t for lack of trying.

With ten games left in the season, CMU was battling for first place in the division and wreaking havoc on the opposition thanks to the emergence of Marcus Keene, a transfer from Youngstown State, who went on to average 30 points per game in an incredible effort which had not been replicated in 20 years.

Then, CMU proceeded to lose eight straight games to end the season, getting eliminated in classic fashion against eventual MAC Tournament champion Kent State in OT despite a 41-point game from Keene.

I figured there was no use in exploring the collapse all over again in the conventional fashion. I’m tired of it.

So instead, I choose to write haiku to recap how it felt. Without any further ado, here goes:


Kokomo, really?

Have to start somewhere, I guess.

Biggest win by points.

St. Bonaventure and Little Rock

Whoops, two big losses.

Well, that’s okay, it’s early.

Long season ahead.

Green Bay

Oh my god no way

That didn’t just happen, right?

Keene. 50! WIN. WOW.


Fighting Illini

On the road, expected loss.

Was the B1G any good?

Montana State

A star is born here,

And his name is Marcus Keene.

Lights out everywhere.

EMU, NIU and Akron: the start of the MAC slate

Ten and three, not bad.

Oh no, three straight losses? Ugh.

Why does this happen?

Miami: the first time

McGuirk was rocking.

The M-V-P chant was heard.

Keene had 50. Again.

Kent State: the first time

National TV

20-year losing streak snapped

Everything’s awesome!

Buffalo: the first time

Don’t get me started.

I’m still salty over 2015, really.

Loss amid four wins

Miami: the second time

Welp, that isn’t good.

In Millet Hall, basketball dies.

Spirits are still high.

Existence is but a large inside joke to the cosmos and we’re all doomed to perish

How did this happen?

Seven straight L’s to end things?


Kent State: the second and final time

Don’t play with my heart

No, stop coming bac— wait, YES!!!

WE’RE GONNA WI—nce. Pain.