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HBDD: 4/11/2017

A lot about the 216, and more!

Cleveland Indians Fans Gather To The Final Game Of World Series Against The Chicago Cubs Photo by Justin Merriman/Getty Images

We at the Belt are bringing back an old friend with renewed vigor. The “Hustle Belt Daily Dump” is a place where we post news articles that we find interesting. Often, these will have a MAC angle. Sometimes they wont. They might not even be sports related.

They are news stories that we hope will get the community talking and get us through these cold, dark months before football. Well, they wont actually be cold, and generally it wont be dark, but you get the point.

Indians home opener

Cleveland sports have found a renewed vigor with the Cavs championship last season, and the Indians near miss. Apparently, Cleveland didn’t want to leave any team out as they get ready for their baseball home opener. Jim Thome, Jim Brown and Austin Carr are all set to throw out ceremonial first pitches. Tune in to find out who actually throws out the first pitch, and who just gets a participation trophy!

Cleveland Browns v Detroit Lions

No rest for the wicked

Well, to be fair, I don’t consider LeBron James and the other Cavalier starters to be wicked. However, they are stirring up a bit of controversy by sitting out regular season games to get ready for the playoffs.

It was announced that LeBron is out for the regular season finale. I personally don’t care. I get the perspective of fans that think these guys are paid ridiculous amounts of money to play, they should play. That being said, I am of the mindset that their number 1 job is to entertain the fans, and nothing entertains fans more than championships. They are paid professionals, and I am going to let them do what they think is best with that regard. Different opinion? There is a comment section down below.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It’s about the kids

Bowling Green is having their #BGSUOneDay fundraiser. Time is running out if you want to give. I personally am not giving a damn dime, because I root for Toledo, and I am petty. If you are above that, and want to pay it forward and all that touchy feeling stuff, you can donate here.

Everyday it’s something, today, it’s about the Pets

As everyone is aware, it’s national pet day. I really hope putting this here doesn’t turn the comments section into a mini Facebook where everyone puts up pictures of their pets.

In the MAC, there are quite a few birds, a kangaroo, a horse, a dog, and a bovine.