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Football Offseason Boredom: Rearranging the game

We’re about to start a little project you might enjoy. It involves football and anarchy, everyone’s favorite two things.

Kenneth Bailey

It’s still a little over four months until we return to college football. And while spring games are nice and all, it’s not quite the same feel as that first, muggy weekend of college athletics Labor Day weekend.

People have different ways of coping through the offseason. NHL and NBA playoffs are nice, and getting to a ball park for America’s past time is relaxing as all get out. But you can also toil fruitlessly at how to rearrange college football to (maybe) make it even more interesting and equitable.

That’s just what I’ll will be doing for the next three days.

I’m going to run down some scenarios for MAC football that are fun, could give our conference a more equitable chance on the national stage, and would actually destroy the conference all together. Tomorrow I’ll mess with divisional alignment à la Bill Connelly. Then on Thursday, I’ll go over localized regional conferences that would guarantee playing everybody in your conference every year.

And on Friday, I’ll present what I think is maybe a reasonable idea for a playoff that would guarantee a G5 spot (under certain stipulations).

As a person who liked playing Sim City growing up, world-building like this is crazy fun to think about, but pretty much academic.

Ah screw it, hope you’ll like it.