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2017 NFL Draft Profile, Mac Style: Treyvon Hester, DT, Toledo Rockets

A lot of teams are showing interest

Fresno State v Toledo Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images

The Toledo Rocket’s Treyvon Hester is getting a lot of attention prior to the draft. Per this report from Tony Pauline, 13 teams sent representatives to his workout. The Lions, Browns, Eagles and Vikings all sent defensive line coaches.

According to Pauline, Hester was physically impressive.

Hester measured 6023 and 304 pounds then posted a vertical jump of 31.5 inches. The vertical jump mark was bettered at the combine by just one other defensive tackle -- Jeremiah Ledbetter, who many project to defensive end.

His other marks included 8-foot-7 in the broad jump and 4.71s in the short shuttle.

Hester’s 40 time was clocked between 4.86s-to-4.91s, the fastest of which would’ve ranked as the fastest of any defensive tackle at the combine (Montravius Adams of Auburn was timed at 4.87s).

During drills the big man easily moved around the field and looked good hitting the bags for a lineman just four months removed from labrum surgery.

There are an interesting mix of teams interested in the Pittsburgh native, including the Steelers.

That last line is key. There are an interesting mix of teams interested in Hester. Pittsburgh brought him home for a visit, even though he doesn’t project as an end or tackle in their scheme. According to the NFL’s draft site, he projects as a three technique used as a situational pass rusher. While it’s certainly possible they will use him that way, it seems more likely that they are interested in bulking him up, and turning him into a true nose tackle.

It’s worth noting that Hester bulked up his junior year, and wasn’t happy with the results. He lost weight for his senior campaign, and regained the form that made him a second team All-MAC lineman.

The overused cliche’ this time of year is “you can’t teach”, but it’s certainly appropriate here. You can’t teach 300+ lbs of beef covering 40 yards in less than 5 seconds. Where ever Hester ends up, and he will end up somewhere, it will be interesting to see how he progresses. Right now, he is a guy that can be put into the rotation on a 4-3 line to give a rest and bring energy. In a 3-4, he can be part of the rotation to get pressure on passing downs. The added benefit in that situation is that he can slowly put on weight, and be a true 3-4 nose tackle down the line, and that’s where the big bucks come in.