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HBDD: Sunday Morning Brunch wants MACtion news and notes

NIU answers, BSU tennis dynasty, softball no hitters, Toledo yard sales

Director's Brunch - 2017 Tribeca Film Festival Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

Is there a better meal than brunch? I submit that there is not. It’s got all the best things about two great meals! Individually, both breakfast and lunch are strong options. Put together at the midway point between the two? Now you’ve got something.

At its core, brunch is a late breakfast with more meat (usually) and booze. Name me one thing that meat and booze did not make better. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Stop thinking. It’s a waste of time and effort because there is nothing. And no one worth their salt will contend otherwise. In fact, if someone says to you that brunch isn’t the highlight of the week, then you need to cut them out of your life. You don’t need that kind of negativity, man.

The other great thing about Sunday is that it most assuredly has the best awesome-to-work ratio and is thus the greatest day of the week. Allow me to explain. On Sunday, the work that’s expected is minimal. Yard work and kids soccer games usually happen on Saturday. Family cookouts, weddings, all the other timesucks? Mostly Saturday. Sunday is usually a day of easy living and rest. We like rest around the Belt.

But awesome occurs on Sunday also. Sports fan? Most major things are on Sunday. The Super Bowl, the NFL, NASCAR, day baseball, golf final rounds, and the list goes on. Throw in some great television (Billions, for example) and Sunday is the undefeated undisputed heavyweight champion of the week.

There’s also church, if that’s your thing. So yeah, Yay Sunday! On to the news and notes with the Hustle Belt Daily Dump...

Say Goodbye to the Miami Beach Bowl | Fansided
ESPN has purchased the Miami Beach Bowl and will be moving it to the Lonestar State. That’s a MAC tie-in game, so it may have significant impact on your postseason plans. If your squad is good enough. If they aren’t, then it won’t really matter to you at all. Sorry, Buffalo.

QB Spot Open, Other Positions Clearer for NIU | Rockford Register Star
It’s always a dangerous game to try to extrapolate out significant information from spring ball and spring games, just because of the different nature of it in comparison to fall camp and actual competition. But for NIU, the questions are fewer but one big one remains.

Tennis Dynasty Brewing in Muncie | The Star Press
The Ball State women’s tennis program just clinched their second straight MAC regular season championship on Saturday. It’s not often that a non-revenue program gets that kind of success and even less often that it gets celebrated. So congrats to the Cardinals!

Toledo Hosting Garage Sale April 25-26 |
If you’ve never been to an athletics garage sale, it’s awesome. Merch, equipment, and just random stuff that you cannot find elsewhere. Also, if you’re a football sized human, it’s a great place to find apparel that fits. At a local university down here, I was able to find some brand new cleats for my gigantic feet. At like 75% off. So yes, you should go.

First Ball State Softball No-No Since 2010 | The Star Press
Have yourself a day, Carolyn Wilmes. As part of a sweep of Toledo, the junior tossed the program’s first no hitter in 7 years. She’s also 11-1 over her last 16 starts. That’s good. Quite good, actually. Our beer league is Tuesday night. We’ll save you a spot, Carolyn.

We’re going to be full speed ahead for the NFL Draft this week, so get yourself ready for that. Don’t make plans this coming Saturday other than hanging around the Belt, as I have a sneaking suspicion there are going to be quite a few MAC alums that hear their name called on Saturday.