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Look to the Twitter Account of Skip Bayless for the Knowledge You Seek On the Corey Davis Pick

You don’t need to bother reading his tweets, though

16th Annual Webby Awards Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

As all Browns fans know, Skip Bayless isn’t exactly great at predicting what will become of draft picks. In fact, I would argue that groundhogs have a better chance of guessing lottery numbers, twice, than Skip does accurately predicting the career of a draft pick. However, it’s twitter, and the gems are generally not in the original tweet.

If you must read the original, here it is.

Now, a lot of the experts had Corey Davis in their top 10 players in the draft, so grabbing a receiver at 5, in a draft that is short on impact receivers, isn’t a reach. Or at least you wouldn’t think. Let’s see what some other people think of Skip’s assessment.

This isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of Davis, but I like this guy’s line of thinking. It’s not surprising to me that a lot of people around the country wouldn’t have an opinion of Davis one way or the other, since so many have probably never seen him play.

That’s a ringing endorsement from someone that likely saw him play. While I think it’s a little premature to start tailor fitting the gold jacket, I don’t think anyone that watched him on film can shred taking him at 5.

This is a solid endorsement from someone that likely isn’t a huge WMU fan.

And I think this one hits the nail on the head. There is no way with all the time that Skip Bayless spends yelling nonsense into a camera that he can sit and evaluate every NFL draft prospect from every school. I don’t know how anyone can watch Corey Davis, and not see a special player.