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HBDD: The true offseason wants Sunday news and notes

We’re at that time, friends. The worst time of the year

NFL Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

This weekend, by any and all accounts, was a tremendous success for the Mid-American Conference and their football members. With eleven draft picks, it ties the record for most MAC members selected (2005), and no one foresaw Corey Davis landing in the top five. Throw in the nearly two dozen undrafted free agents that have leaked out and the additional camp invites that are likely to follow, and it was a red letter weekend for the little conference that could.

The paradox of the moment is that tempered with the excitement and optimism for those 36 or so, there are two pretty significant downers. First and foremost is the fact that despite that caliber of NFL level talent or skill, the MAC and its members have no legitimate shot at a national championship or major bowl game. It’s an argument that we (and others) have made frequently and one that requires significantly more space than a Sunday news and notes post, but the system has to change. The gap between the haves and have nots is smaller now than ever before, and the NFL Draft demonstrated that this weekend. Fix it. Blow it up. Start over. At this point, I’m almost ready to start advocating anarchy for the sake of it. #MakeFootballGreatAgain, indeed.

The other pretty significant thing that is signaled by the NFL Draft and the flurry of free agent activity immediately following is that we are now officially into the offseason. May is a hard month if you’re a sports fan, with June and July even worse. Sure, there are niche sports and postseasons like the horse racing Triple Crown, the Stanley Cup and NBA playoffs, but those will all be over in the next month. Then all we have is baseball, long days, and a long and arduous trek to fall camp and the subsequent opening of the college football season. If you’re a hard core die hard baseball fan, then I’m sure you’re in heaven right now. For the overwhelming majority of the rest of us, it’s something that’s not that.

So let’s put a bow on the sports year and head into the offseason, shall we? Grab two dogs and a beer (need to get ready for baseball) and catch up on some news and notes with the Hustle Belt Daily Dump...

NFL Draft Grades | SBNation
The best thing about the NFL Draft is the Monday morning QBing that happens after. It’s the ultimate test of fan patience, optimism, and cynicism. Check out where your NFL team marks out at the mothership.

Corey Davis Bets on Himself, Wins Big | Detroit News
It’s hard not to read this and not be a Corey Davis fan (or a bigger one if you already were). With the right kind of career, between Davis and Antonio Brown along with the host of others, it’s not crazy to start labeling the MAC as THE WR Conference.

Buffalo Men’s Tennis Wins MAC | BuffaloNews
Congrats to the Bulls!

CMU Sweeps BSU, Clinches Share of Softball Title | CM-Life
Softball is winding down and the Chips clinch a share of a championship behind a sweep of the Cardinals. It’s the first title since 2008 for CMU.

The Dark Side of a Player in the Spotlight | Muncie Star Press
Finally, if you only read one thing on the web today, this should be it. It’s an eye-opener through the story of Trey Moses and how things may be not at all what they seem to the naked eye. Depression reaches many, even those who we watch on the field and court.