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Kent State wide receiver Antwan Dixon begins chemotherapy treatment for aplastic anemia

Dixon has found a bone marrow donor: his father, Anthony.

NCAA Football: Kent State at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Antwan Dixon was poised for a breakout in 2016 after a true freshman campaign that saw him lead the Flashes in receiving yards (355) place second in receptions (26) and had 126 yards on the ground, scoring one receiving touchdown.

A blood disorder, known as aplastic anemia, sidelined him for his entire true sophomore campaign and also put his life in danger. Dixon had to go back to his native Florida to go through treatments.

Aplastic anemia is a particularly impactful disease, destroying blood-creating cells in the bone marrow, including red blood cells, platlets and white blood cells. It can cause exhaustion, fever, infections, easier bruising and uncontrollable bleeding.

Antwan, who has dealt with the symptoms of aplastic anemia since he was 16, recently had to have nine teeth in the back of his mouth removed to stop uncontrolled bleeding and was unable to eat during the treatment for that procedure, losing 40 pounds as a result. Dixon has been in inpatient care for several months as his condition deteriorated, taking blood transfusions at a higher-than-normal rate.

It’s been almost a year since we heard an update on Dixon, whose football status with Kent State is currently on hold. But on Wednesday afternoon, the Fort Myers News-Press reported Dixon is currently undergoing treatment in advance of an expected bone marrow transplant this week after finding a donor match: his father Anthony.

Antwan will now under go eight days of chemotherapy sessions ahead of the bone marrow transplant to prepare him for the procedure, which will remove all of his blood cells and replace them with his father Anthony’s.

A bone marrow transplant is the only cure for aplastic anemia, and Antwan’s condition is such to where all the cells must be replaced. The procedure is set for April 13.

Friends and family of the Dixons have created a GoFundMe page for the treatment of Antwan and to help the family keep up with expenses incurred and a Facebook page has been created to update Antwan’s progress as he goes through his treatments.

The GoFundMe aims to raise $10,000 and thus far has raised $6,465 as of publication.

The staff here at Hustle Belt encourages you to take #MACtion and help Antwan and his family take an important step towards living a full and healthy life by donating to the above GoFundMe link.