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Congrats to William Wakefield for winning our bracket challenge

Wakebill's OU-Oh YA picks lead all non-HB entrants

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Champions-North Carolina Celebration Suzie Wolf-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, the NCAA tourney culminated earlier this week, but we didn’t want our Hustle Belt Bracket Challenge winner to be buried in the news of that, baseball opening day, and apparently some stuff in Washington went down this week. I don’t know. If it’s not related to MACtion, I give it a basic once over then move on with my life to more important things like debating whether Rod Carey should be fired and whether or not Buffalo should just go ahead and see themselves out.

It’s also a little disappointing when basketball ends and a short period of mourning ensues. With basketball’s end, you better like the pro sports, golf, or NASCAR, because otherwise, it’s basically the offseason until the ramp up to football season begins. That’s upcoming but we still have a bow to put on the SHOOTYHOOPS season around these parts, by crowning our Hustle Belt Bracket Challenge winner.

And a big congrats goes to William Wakefield for his top finishing non-staff bracket. From your HB staff, Dizzle finished first and actually won the whole thing. But if you’re connected to the place, you aren’t eligible for the glory. Kind of like when I was working at a gas station and had to go across the street to buy lottery tickets. Can you imagine the fury I would have had if I’d won Powerball and had to forfeit it because of my job? I’d make Abu Ghraib look like Girl Scout Camp.

Regardless, congrats to Bill who had one of four Final Four participants, but did have UNC correctly cutting down the nets. He is now immortalized here in the annals of Belt history. I recommend printing this out and carrying it with you for any needs you may have to get out of speeding tickets, pick up basketball loving romantic partners, and prove to future generations that you knew your roundball.

Jealous? You should be. But you’ve got approximately 12 months to work out your strategy and hoops knowledge for next year. Maybe you can have your name in the bright Belt lights. Congrats to all and the referees are still terrible.