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2016-2017 MACtion Year in Review: A Prelude

We take a look back on all the things that made the year so awesome

Get some MACtion (screenshot)

It seems like December and May are great times for retrospectives. One is more calendar-related and the other more activity-related. We have no use for calendars here at the Belt, since December is the crossover between football and basketball, also known as THE OMG BUSIEST TIME OF THE YEAR! in the sports blogosphere. So, we focus more on the end of the athletic year. Which, coincidentally, is happening right now.

Our Year in Review is going to begin tomorrow, with all the pomp and circumstance to celebrate our MACtion brethren in their on-field and on-court achievements over the last year. I know, I know, you come for the football and the SHOOTYHOOPS, but this is a democratic society here at the Belt, and everyone will get their day in the sun.

It’s easy in the 30-second hot take world of today’s sporting entertainment to lose sight of the teams, players, coaches, and successes that don’t make Sportscenter. But their lack of highlights or eyeballs don’t make them any less significant. In fact, some could argue (quite well, in fact) that the successes achieved in those kinds of moments are the most authentic and meaningful of them all.

When was the last time you felt like you watched a major revenue sport star compete solely for the love of the game? When did you last feel like the “Win one for old State U!” sort of mantra was the approach du jour? I would wager that it’s been a while.

So, in some respects, that’s what this Year in Review series over the next few weeks is all about. Storylines, athletes, inspiration, and successes abound here in the Mid-American Conference, and we want to make sure that each gets the recognition they have earned. So sit back, enjoy the ride, and help us celebrate the people, teams, and events that have made this year of MACtion what it was.