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“Much Ado About MACtion” starts today!

What should we talk about this lovely afternoon? Tell us!

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You might remember from this past football season the couple live shots we did called “Hustle Bag” on Facebook Live, where we talked about the topics of the day and answered any burning questions you may have had back then.

I took the Thursday slot, while our former contributor Brown and Gold, aka Fitz, manned the weekend edition, answering your questions and talking about the week that was in MACtion.

Well, after the great success we had with that, and a lot of behind-the-scenes planning, we decided to bring back the Facebook Live platform in order to get closer to and connect with you, our commentariot.

After all, that’s what we’re here for at The Belt: we serve as your voice to outsiders that don’t know the Gospel of MACtion. As part of that mission, we’ll be going live on Facebook not once, but twice a week with two shows that showcase the very best of Hustle Belt.

“Much Ado About #MACtion” will air Wednesdays at 6 p.m. EST (5 p.m. CST) starting today and feature myself (James H. Jimenez), your favorite assistant site manager and Central Michgan SuperFan.

The show, besides being a sick literary reference, will try to encompass all the hot topics of the day surrounding Mid-American Conference sports and bring you the best pop culture topics in a conversational and intimate one-hour (or as close to an hour as possible) show.

It is entirely possible the show could wander from a check-in on MAC pros in the NFL to a fiery discussion of which fast food joint serves the best fries.

In terms of topics on today’s show, I’ll try and tackle the problem of why the AAC’s insistence on being “Power Six” is hurting mid-major sports, how Twitter’s new Stadium app will affect the coverage of #MACtion and recap what happened at the NFL Draft.

The show will also feature the beloved #HustleBag, where you can submit questions on Twitter prior to the show recording and we answer them on the air and will make use of the comments section to do an impromptu Q&A segment.

Tell us what you would love to see in a Facebook Live show and we’ll do our best to bring that to you on a weekly basis.

We hope you’ll join us for this live-streaming adventure and help The Belt achieve its mission of being a true community for fans of #MACtion.