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HBDD: Derby horses want Saturday MAC news and notes

NIU baseball, Flashes to the NFL, free Derby bets

Melbourne Racing Photo by Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images

Everyone tells me that I take the Kentucky Derby too seriously. It’s true. I do. From birth as a Kentuckian, you are well aware of the pageantry and pomp that happens in the Bluegrass State on the first Saturday in May. I’m not sure if I came out of the womb laying down exacta boxes and superfectas, but suffice to say it didn’t take long for me to pick it up.

Today is probably the one day of the year when my home state gets a good image. Most times the world points and laughs at Kentucky, and sometimes not so subtly. For one day, though, it’s the pinnacle of the sporting world. Today is that day. Name me another event where you dress up, smoke great cigars, drink excellent bourbon, and have the chance to win money. Go on, I’ll wait.

If you’ve been following the Belt for a bit now, you know that I’m your resident gambling expert. You can follow along on Twitter for today’s race picks as we go throughout the day @AlanRucker. Crushed it yesterday, been crushing the NBA Finals, crushed the NCAA tourney. All for free. You’re welcome and let’s get rich. On to the MACtion (and other) news and notes you need to know today in the Hustle Belt Daily Dump....

NIU thumps CMU | Central Michigan Life
Worst loss of the year in MAC play for the Chips at the hands of NIU on the diamond.

Three Flashes at NFL Minicamps | Kent State Sports
There’s more than three dozen MAC alums trying to make their way to Sundays in the fall. This is the story of three Kent State Golden Flashes making their way.

Introducing the Cocaine Greyhounds | EDSBS
Missed the biggest dog racing story in decades? Catch up. Be entertained.

Revisiting a Hunter S. Thompson Derby Classic | Grantland
Finally, on this Derby Day, I suggest you familiarize yourself with this classic Hunter S. Thompson piece.