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MAC announces academic All-MAC baseball awards

Because it’s not just about homeruns and strikeouts

MAC Logo on White Background (Cropped Better)

When I was in college, it was my goal to land above a 3.0 each semester. (Translation: My parents said if I didn’t earn a 3.0 they would kill me. Literally. They showed me the knife). That proved incredibly difficult in the first year when you throw everything together in a powder keg of classes, Thursday nights, rush, and new found freedom. Suffice to say, I was a disappointment (for one semester, at least).

So when the Mid-American Conference announces its All-MAC academic list, I am blown away by the fact that student-athletes actually pay attention to the first half of that moniker. All while juggling the requirements of their sport. It’s actually quite impressive.

The Academic All-MAC honor is for a student-athlete who has excelled in athletics and academics. To qualify, a student-athlete must have at least a 3.20 cumulative GPA and have participated in at least 50 percent of the contests for that particular sport. In other words, no riding the pine to boost the team GPA, Poindexter!

This year’s award winners:

T.J. Baker, Ball State, P, R-So., 3.734, Biology
Colin Brockhouse, Ball State, P, Jr., 3.337, Exercise Science
BJ Butler, Ball State, P, Sr., 3.803, Information Systems
Matt Eppers, Ball State, OF, Sr., 3.588, Entrepreneurial Management
Nick Floyd, Ball State, P, So., 3.591, Business Administration
Sean Kennedy, Ball State, INF, Sr., 3.586, Business Administration
Caleb Stayton, Ball State, 1B, Sr., 3.927, Telecommunications
Trent Theisen, Ball State, DH, So., 3.589, Education

Greg Basalyga, Bowling Green, INF, Sr., 3.469, Finance
Zac Carey, Bowling Green, P, Jr., 3.932, Exercise Science
Joe McGuinness, Bowling Green, DH/C, So., 3.719, Education
Addison Rospert, Bowling Green, P, Sr., 3.233, Communication

Kyle Brennan, Buffalo, C, Sr., 3.393, Exercise Science
Brent Cleland, Buffalo, P, Jr., 3.529, Civil Engineering
Eddie Edwards III, Buffalo, OF, R-So, 3.267, Business
Ben Haefner, Buffalo, SS, Jr., 3.633, Exercise Science
Alec Tuohy, Buffalo, P, Sr., 3.316, Computer Science
Ben Vey, Buffalo, P, Jr., 3.423, Business

Daniel Jipping, Central Michigan, OF, Jr., 3.94, Finance
Patrick Leatherman, Central Michigan, P, Jr., 3.20, Communications
Ty Rollin, Central Michigan, OF, So., 3.72, Biology/Biomedical sciences

Matthew Beaton, Eastern Michigan, P, Sr., 3.49, Aviation Management Technology
Sam Delaplane, Eastern Michigan, P, Senior, 3.62, Marketing
Davis Feldman, Eastern Michigan, P, So., 3.63, Sport Management
Drake Lubin, Eastern Michigan, OF, So., 3.66, Business Administration
John Montgomery, Eastern Michigan, OF/DH, Sr., 3.37, Management
Jordan Peterson, Eastern Michigan, Sr., OF, 3.25, Finance
John Rensel Jr., Eastern Michigan, 1B/DH, So., 3.69, Biology
Max Shuemann, Eastern Michigan, INF, So., 3.79, Business Administration
Kevin Shul, Eastern Michigan, P, Sr., 3.53, Exercise Science
Brennan Williams, Eastern Michigan, 1B/DH, Jr., 3.70, Supply Chain Management

Luke Burch, Kent State, OF, R-Sr. (Grad), 3.516, Sport and Recreation Management
Reilly Hawkins, Kent State, OF, R-Jr., 3.509, Computer Information Systems
Josh Hollander, Kent State, INF, So., 3.297, Organizational Communication
Mason Mamarella, Kent State, OF, R-Jr., 3.677, Marketing
Joey Murray, Kent State, P, So., 3.263, Marketing
Dylan Rosa, Kent State, 3B, Jr., 3.325, Exercise Science
Jared Skolnicki, Kent State, P, R-Jr., 3.942, Actuarial Mathematics
Zach Spangler, Kent State, P, R-Jr., 3.393, Computer Information Systems
Zach Willeman, Kent State, P, Jr., 3.965, Physical Education
Connor Wollersheim, Kent State, P, So., 3.337, Organizational Communication
Robert Zeigler, Kent State, P, R-Jr., 3.445, Organizational Communication

Tyler Harris Miami, OF, R-Sr., 3.74, Sport Leadership and Management
Ryan Marske Miami, P, R-Sr., 3.72, Interactive Media Studies
Bailey Martin, Miami, P, So., 3.44, Finance and Accountancy
Steve Sada Miami, 2B, Sr., 3.65, Accounting
Hayden Senger, Miami, C, So., 3.34, Kinesiology/Pre-med
Zach Spears, Miami, P, So., 3.49, Sport Leadership & Management
Brooks Urich, Miami, OF, Jr., 3.71, Finance
Adam Yacek Miami, 3B, R-Sr., 3.65, Marketing

William Anderson, Northern Illinois, P, So., 3.674, Business
Luke Yapp, Northern Illinois, INF, Sr., 3.241, General Studies

Cory Blessing, Ohio, P, R-Jr., 3.296, Management Information Systems
Tony Giannini, Ohio, OF, Jr., 3.315, Marketing
Spencer Ibarra, Ohio, OF, Sr., 3.350
Nick Kamrada, Ohio, P, R-So., 3.333, Pre-Exercise Physiology
Michael Klein, Ohio, P, R-Jr., 3.328, Finance
Matt Mikolajczak, Ohio, P, Sr., 3.531, Chemical Engineering
Rudy Rott, Ohio, INF, So., 3.597, Undecided

Ross Adolph, Toledo, OF, So., 3.379, Finance
Brad Boss, Toledo, OF, Jr., 3.218, Mechanical Engineering
Josh Cales, Toledo, INF/P, Sr., 3.949, Finance
Steven Calhoun, Toledo, P, Jr., 3.613, Finance
Riley Campbell, Toledo, INF, So., 3.491, Marketing
Jake Krupar, Toledo, OF, Sr., 3.499, Criminal Justice
AJ Montoya, Toledo, OF, Jr., 3.227, Finance
Caleb Schillace, Toledo, P, R-Sr., 3.430, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sam Shutes, Toledo, P, Sr., 3.881, Civil Engineering

Jake Bartels, Western Michigan, P, Jr., 3.37, Finance
Gabe Berman, Western Michigan, P, Sr., 3.52, Management
Jesse Forestell, Western Michigan, C, So., 3.73, Finance
Tyler Frank, Western Michigan, OF, Sr., 3.59, Communications
Grant Miller, Western Michigan, 3B, Sr., 3.74, Integrated Supply Management
Andrew Stone, Western Michigan, INF, R-So., 3.66, Sport Management
Jack Szott, Western Michigan, P, So., 3.88, Accountancy

If you’re scoring at home, Kent State leads the way with 11 award winners. And if you’re scoring at home, congrats! It’s a Saturday afternoon. Impressive.