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Kevin Durant wants MAC news and notes along with his NBA Finals MVP

HBDD: Buffalo firing, YouTube profits, NBA futures

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It’s both sad and fantastic that the NBA Finals have finally drawn to a close. Sad in that now all we have is baseball to get us through the summer, but fantastic for several reasons, most notably that college football is mere months away. I’d also be lying if I said these playoffs, though I’m sure exciting as ever for the hard core NBA guy, were a bit uninspiring for the novice NBA fan.

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest professional sports fan. College guy? You bet. Professional sports guy? Not so much. So perhaps I’m not the target market. I’ll own that. But on the whole, this entire playoff season seemed very chalk. Was anyone all that surprised that the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers were the last two standing?

I will say that even as a novice, it was poetry in motion to watch the Warriors in the series and the Cavs in their win. The knock on the NBA (at least in my circles) was that it was a constant one-on-five style with little to no “real basketball” (whatever that means). This series was most certainly not that. It was exciting. It was engaging. It was actually fun to watch.

The storylines from this summer in the NBA are hot and heavy already. It seems most experts believe that there will be significant free agent shifting and an exciting (if not outright stacked) NBA Draft. If this is the outcome of superteams, a widening of the net of NBA fandom, then I’m all for them. Hell, join the Warriors, Lebron and let’s go for 82.

On to the news and notes you need to know in today’s Hustle Belt Daily Dump...

Student Response to UB Coach Firing | UBBullRun
If you haven’t been paying attention, there’s some drama unfurling at our neighbors in the north. Long story incredibly short: amidst the cuts of programs, a strength coach is let go. Campus reacts. Not well, in case you were wondering.

UCF Kicker Can’t Make Money From YouTube Vids | SBNation
The NCAA is backwards and nonsensical, but you already knew that. At some point, we’ll look back and wonder why there wasn’t a mass riot to change the algebra on the sham of amateurism.

8 Teams Besides the Cavs to Challenge the Warriors | SBNation
From sooner to later, these are the teams to watch in the Association as the Warriors attempt to build the dynasty.

What the future holds for the Cleveland Cavaliers | SBNation
As the NBA team of record in the home of MACtion, the Cavs are at a bit of a crossroads for their team future. Something has to be done, though, as I don’t see King James being content to be runner-up again and again and again.

Enjoy your Tuesday, all!