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Kent State’s Jake Latz drafted by the Texas Rangers

LHP drafted 164th overall (5th round)

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

MACtion has crashed the MLB draft as the Kent State Golden Flashes saw one of their own get the call Tuesday when LHP Jake Latz was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 5th round, 164th overall. Because of the transfer, Latz hasn’t actually pitched for Kent State yet, but that didn’t stop the Texas Rangers from spending their selection on him.

The 6’2” 200-pound redshirt sophomore was a transfer from powerhouse LSU to the Golden Flashes and now finds himself with a decision to make about whether to head off to the Rangers or return to Kent State. With an estimated pick value of $280,000+ by way of a signing bonus, I know what I would pick. But I’m not him. I’m also not a very good baseball player. But I do like money. It’s pretty great.

Should Latz return, Kent State would find themselves with a dominant left handed pitcher with significant experience. Latz was a player on the 2015 College World Series berth LSU squad and the 2016 team that won their regional. I think I speak for the rest of the MAC, those who would be tasked with playing against Latz when I say Texas is awesome and money is great. Via con Dios, mi amigo.