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Kent State’s Luke Burch drafted by the Detroit Tigers

CF selected 275th overall (9th round)

New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers - Game Four Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

If one draft selection was nice, then two is outstanding, and Kent State accomplished that feat Tuesday with the 9th round selection (275th overall) of CF Luke Burch by the Detroit Tigers.

Burch was regarded by baseball experts as an under the radar prospect, but Detroit is getting a solid hitter and a significant option for their farm system. He has been a .360 or better hitter every year at Kent State. Combined with his ability to play any outfield position and you can see why the Tigers took a chance with their 9th-round selection.

For his trouble, Burch is looking at an approximate signing bonus in the neighborhood of $140,000. So while Kent State gets the opportunity to laud their pro pipeline, Burch gets a chance to increase his bank account. Always a good thing.

Burch is a bit older than many of those he was competing with for a draft selection at 23 years old, but his stats and intangibles speak for themselves. Burch could have a lengthy career of coming to the ballpark and getting paid to do it. And trust me, there are far worse ways to make a living.