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Edward Snowden wants MAC news and notes

Best G5 matchups, NFL expansion draft, CWS updates, an ex-NFL player comes out

Edward Snowden Speaks To The Guardian Photo by The Guardian via Getty Images

You know it’s a slow “celebrity” birthday day when we have to use someone from the world of politics and news for our Daily Dump. Alas, June 21 is that day. Whatever side of the aisle you fall on, however you may feel about the security of information, whichever way you lean on important issues like privacy and intrusion, it’s a virtual (get it?) certainty that Edward Snowden has at least made people more aware of all of those things.

Personally, there’s not anything in life I care enough about to basically spend the rest of mine on the sneak. But that’s just me. Having lived in DC for a decade or so, embassies are nice, no doubt. But I couldn’t be confined anywhere and be happy. Maybe the Playboy mansion. I guess that would be a slightly different story, but I digress.

Regardless, Snowden is 34 today, and if I was on the lamb and holed up in an embassy somewhere wanted by nearly every intelligence agency, I’d probably watch a lot of MAC football replays. Pretty points and high octane offenses always take my mind off of national security.

On to the sports news and notes you need to know from an undisclosed location in today’s Hustle Belt Daily Dump....

Best Group of 5 Non-Conference Matchups | Washington Post
You know it’s something when a paper like the WaPo cares about MAC things. Two MAC games made the list, but all of these are what I like to call “Must Watch”. So get yourself ready.

College World Series Bracket and Scores | SBNation
No MAC squads left, but the only college sport still ongoing is the College World Series. Storylines abound, but this will keep you current and up to date on all that stands between us and the nothingness of the July offseason.

What kind of roster could an NFL expansion team create? | SBNation
With all the talk of the NHL expansion draft, it’s worth asking the question what would happen if the NFL had one. This is the answer to that question courtesy of the mothership.

Former NFL Tackle Comes Out | SBNation
A sad, inspiring, and courageous story all rolled up into one. Worth your time and probably worth some thought after the fact.

Happy Hump Day, everybody. Half way to the weekend.