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HBDD: Fancy draft suits and bow ties want MAC news and notes

EMU academic success, Kent State golf, mock drafts, shoe deals, and HB alum news!

NBA: NBA Draft Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the newest batch of millionaires will be christened at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. That’s the biggest takeaway of the night, and we’ll have the other storylines to keep an eye on later today here at the Belt, but one of the most intriguing storylines to me is the sartorial choices that these newly minted fortunes can unveil.

Keeping in mind that these are still (mostly) teenagers who have body types that are far from off-the-rack ready, it’s not surprising that you see the suits and ties and statements all over the board on draft night. From bright colors to college jerseys sewn into the lining, it seems like there is nothing that even raises eyebrows anymore.

That was the question bantered about by a few of us yesterday. What would be the thing that would actually create a negative reaction? Going up with a romper? How about a velour track suit? Hell, go the other way. Wear a tux and say you’re married to the game. Baller status.

If you’re going to make a statement, make a statement, I always say. When you’re rich, you can do pretty much anything you want and no one can really say anything. More importantly, if you’re super talented at whatever you choose to do you can do just about anything else as long as you are at the top of your game. Better these newly minted millionaires learn that now. Capable of averaging 25 and 10? Walk up there buck naked and full out hug the commish tip to tip. Rich people, man.

So get your own Sunday go to meeting clothes on for today’s for the sports news and notes you need to know with today’s Hustle Belt Daily Dump....

EMU swimming and diving honored for academic success | EMUEagles
Three straight MAC Championships (34 overall) make the program one of the most successful in the league. When you can show out in the classroom as well, that’s the mark of a truly special place.

Smiles return to Kent State golf | Record-Courier
A tough close, but a phenomenal season for the Flashes. Time heals all wounds, but time takes time.

2017 mock NBA draft | SBNation
Speaking of the draft and fancy suits, here’s the latest projections of who’s going where tonight. Work on your hugs and handshakes, fellas. It’s just in front of the entire sporting world.

How NBA shoe deals work | SBNation
Wondering why and how someone has the shoes and endorsements they do? This is an absolute must read to understand the business behind the sport.

Carter named sports editor | Osceola Sentinel-Tribune
In Hustle Belt alumni news, Kaleb Carter has been named the new sports editor at Creston News Advertiser and Osceola Sentinel-Tribune. Congrats Kaleb!