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2017 NBA Draft: Storylines, how to watch, time, television, order

All the info you need to make your Thursday night Draft-tastic

2016 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

There is no better time to be an NBA fan than right now. Think about it. You have probably the best collection of talents ever assembled in the Golden State Warriors. The same Golden State Warriors who are in the midst of what will likely be the modern era’s dynasty.

You have arguably the greatest singular talent to ever play the game lacing up each and every night in Lebron James. There’s discussion about who’s the best ever and you wouldn’t be crushed for choosing Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, or even Kareem. But I’ll take Lebron and would be just as right. And let’s not forget the guy brought a championship to Cleveland. Cleveland! That’s the Q.E.D. of the “best-ever argument” in my mind.

Style of play? Much better now through officiating changes and freedom of movement. Simply put, this is not the 1 on 5 iso of the prior decade. It’s fast-paced, fun, and a heck of a good time. If you’ve been staying away, come back into the fold.

For all intents and purposes, between style of play, star power, and just general fun, there is no better time to be an NBA fan. And tonight is the writing of the next chapter of the NBA story as dozens of young men will hear their name called in the NBA Draft.

Pertinent storylines I’ll be watching:

  • Lonzo to LA? I know I’m biased as a Kentucky fan, but it would stand to reason for me that when two players go head to head as Lonzo Ball and De’Aaron Fox did (twice, mind you) and one (Ball) was taken to school both times, I’d probably draft the one who did the taking. Local connections sell jerseys and fill seats, but don’t make banners. The Fox-Ball arc of their careers will be my biggest takeaway.
  • What does Boston do? Some of my closest friends are Celtics fans. They celebrate Ainge’s trading but not his drafting. Now there’s Josh Jackson who skipped workouts and wants a guarantee. This pick will likely set the next few years in motion for Boston, the alleged next in line for the Eastern Conference after King James leaves or drops off.
  • Are there any blockbuster deals that have an outcome on tonight? Names like Paul George and Jimmy Butler have been tossed around as trade bait for teams that need that one missing piece. Does someone mortgage their future for their present? Stranger things have happened.
  • Granted, I’m no NBA expert, but it seems like it is entirely possible that we look back and the best player taken goes in the 8th or 9th position. This is a deep draft and one that has a little something for everyone. Big men, point guards, wing players, all able to fill specific needs.

It’s going to be a good night. Plus, we may get something like this gem...

“Well, that’s great.” Putting that Duke degree to good use.

Your pertinent details to be up to speed on to catch Thursday night’s draft:


Time: 7 p.m. ET


Watch online: WatchESPN

2017 NBA Draft Order

Pick Team
Pick Team
1 Philadelphia 76ers (from BOS)
2 Los Angeles Lakers
3 Boston Celtics (from PHI)
4 Phoenix Suns
5 Sacramento Kings (from PHI)
6 Orlando Magic
7 Minnesota Timberwolves
8 New York Knicks
9 Dallas Mavericks
10 Sacramento Kings (from NOP)
11 Charlotte Hornets
12 Detroit Pistons
13 Denver Nuggets
14 Miami Heat
15 Portland Trail Blazers
16 Chicago Bulls
17 Milwaukee Bucks
18 Indiana Pacers
19 Atlanta Hawks
20 Portland Trail Blazers (from MEM)
21 Oklahoma City Thunder
22 Brooklyn Nets (from WSH)
23 Toronto Raptors (from LAC)
24 Utah Jazz
25 Orlando Magic (from TOR)
26 Portland Trail Blazers (from CLE)
27 Los Angeles Lakers (from BKN)
28 Los Angeles Lakers (from HOU)
29 San Antonio Spurs
30 Utah Jazz (from GSW)

We’ll be doing a LiveThread here on the Belt, so feel free to join us around 6:45 for your draft watching hivemind. See you then!