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Time is running out for your Hustle Hall of Fame votes!

Make your voice heard and don’t miss out

You love Mid-American Conference sports, don’t you? Of course you do! Otherwise you wouldn’t be checking out your favorite MAC sports blog in our little Hustle Belt corner of the internet. So with that in mind, we have just one question for you on this lovely Saturday night?

HAVE YOU VOTED FOR YOUR SCHOOL’S HUSTLE HALL OF FAME BALLOT?! Have you voted for the rest of the schools as well?! If not, you should. A Hall of Fame is only as good as those who vote for the entrants. With crummy voters you get weird things happening. Like Pete Rose and Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds being left out. Don’t be that guy.

Your voting links:

Ball State
Bowling Green
Central Michigan
Eastern Michigan
Kent State
Northern Illinois
Western Michigan

If I wanted to make a low hanging fruit voting joke I would say something about Chicago and dead people voting or vote early and often, but frankly, I’m above it. Some oddities going on with the votes though, so be sure to make sure your vote rights some wrongs.

Voting closes Sunday night at 11:59PM so don’t screw around and miss it. You’d hate yourself for life. Or at least until next year when the voting process reopens.