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There’s only 5 hours left to cast your votes for the Hustle Hall of Fame!

All 12 schools need your votes!

It’s hard to say who the ultimate athletes are from each of our member schools in the Mid-American Conference. It’s an impossibly subjective task and one that could easily result in dozens of names of tremendous accomplishment and accolade. So it was a heavy task we took on to narrow down who has been the most historical athletes for each of the schools we cover.

In truth, we could never do it alone, and that’s why each step of our Hustle Hall of Fame has had fan input and conversation. From the nominees to the vote, it’s fan-driven, fan-led, and fan-contingent. You guys are the reason this will be awesome.

Tonight at 11:59 marks the conclusion of the voting for the Hustle Hall of Fame. So you’ve got 5 hours to get your vote in. CMU fan who thinks Antonio Brown should be in? Great, go vote. Miami fan who thinks Big Ben is the only choice for the Hustle Hall of Fame? Awesome, go vote.

Your voting links:

Ball State
Bowling Green
Central Michigan
Eastern Michigan
Kent State
Northern Illinois
Western Michigan

Here’s your chance to have your voice heard, MAC fans!