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CMU’s Theunissen Stadium damaged by flooding

The stadium, along with various buildings on campus, is part of an estimated $7-10 million worth of damage.

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Much of the middle lower peninsula of Michigan is under a state of emergency after a series of storms resulted in flash flooding, submersion of cars and buildings and even the destruction of roads.

Damage on the campus of Central Michigan University, which is located in the adversely affected Mt. Pleasant, could be an estimated $7-10 million, per a report by Mitchell Kukulka of CM Life.

Amongst the buildings affected are the Student Activity Center (SAC)’s gymnasium, pool and weight training center, Calkins Hall, Foust Hall, Rowe Hall, the Dow Science Center and Theunissen Stadium, which hosts the baseball team.

Gov. Rick Snyder visited downtown Mt. Pleasant on Monday morning to survey the damage and promised to put state resources towards repairing the damages.

Much of the damage affected basement floors and underground areas of various on-campus buildings. The university is in the process of assessing the exact damage and as of now, the SAC is “mostly operational”.

It's unknown how much damage Theunissen Stadium took on at this time, but it was counted in the university's estimate.

Damage in the city of Mt. Pleasant, which was one of the cities worst affected by flooding over the past week, are estimated to be "in the tens of millions", per reports.