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Hustle Hall of Fame Inductee: Antonio Brown

The former Central Michigan Chippewa was a first-ballot no-brainer.

Central Michigan v Purdue Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

If you’ve been keeping up with the Hustle Hall of Fame over the last few weeks, you are aware of what’s happening. Fan voting has decided the first of two entrants for each MAC member to craft an inaugural Class of 2017 for the Hustle Hall of Fame. First up to be inducted to the Hustle Hall of Fame is former member of the Central Michigan Chippewas, Antonio Brown.

When the Hustle Hall of Fame was created there were certain names that our staff felt comfortable penciling in. Antonio Brown was one of those names. It’s refreshing to see the general populace of the Hustle Belt readership felt the same.

Brown enters the inaugural class after garnering 35% of CMU’s Hustle Hall of Fame votes.

And it’s no surprise when you look at the cumulative status of Brown’s career, both in college and now in the NFL. Brown is one of the ultimate feel good stories after a challenging start to his college career ended up in his roundabout arrival to Mt. Pleasant.

He would go on to be a two-time All-American at CMU and the school's all-time receptions leader in just three seasons.

After being selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the sixth round after his early departure from CMU, Brown would go on to immense professional success.

Brown has been voted to the Pro Bowl five times, named a First Team All-Pro receiver three times, led the league in yards in 2014 and receptions in 2014 and 2015.

Brown currently sits with 632 career receptions, 8,377 career yards, and 50 career touchdowns in his pro career.

Whether your vote was about sole college success, professional success, or a combination of both, Antonio Brown certainly fits the bill of a Hall of Famer. After signing a new contract in February, Brown is now the highest paid receiver in the NFL. What a country! And what a great inaugural member of the Hustle Hall of Fame!