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Hustle Hall of Fame Inductee: Orel Hershiser

From Bowling Green to ESPN, it’s been a tremendous career

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Los Angeles Dodgers Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve been keeping up with the Hustle Hall of Fame over the last few weeks, you are aware of what’s happening. Fan voting has decided the first of two entrants for each MAC member to craft an inaugural Class of 2017 for the Hustle Hall of Fame. First up to be inducted to the Hustle Hall of Fame is former member of the Bowling Green Falcons, Orel Hershiser

When you’re little, athletic superstars seem larger than life and color your fandom of any given sport. For me, growing up in the early 80s, there was no one I fanned out over harder than Orel Hershiser. And that fanning was certainly due given the successes that Hershiser enjoyed over the course of his (still ongoing) career.

People my age know him as the Cy Young Award winner from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Given his three All Star appearances and World Series MVP that would make sense. But over a 17-year career, Hershiser established himself as one of the leading pitchers of his era. And it all started on campus as a Bowling Green Falcons baseball player. He was All-MAC his junior season and threw a no-hitter against Kent State. That alone may have qualified him.

After his retirement he transitioned over to the broadcast booth (along with the poker table) and now is on the lead broadcast team for the Dodgers following Vin Scully’s retirement. He also had successful stints on ESPN where a whole host of new fans became familiar with his work.

There are those people who are successful in just about anything they undertake, and Orel Hershiser fits that bill to a T. Whether it be a starting pitcher, poker player, or television commentator, Hershiser throws gas in most everything he does. Welcome to the Hustle Hall of Fame, Orel Hershiser.