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Hustle Hall of Fame Inductee: Jordan Lynch

One of the most exciting players in MAC history joins the HHoF

Iowa v Northern Illinois Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

If you’ve been keeping up with the Hustle Hall of Fame over the last few weeks, you are aware of what’s happening. Fan voting has decided the first of two entrants for each MAC member to craft an inaugural Class of 2017 for the Hustle Hall of Fame. Next up to be inducted to the Hustle Hall of Fame is former member of the Northern Illinois Huskies, Jordan Lynch!

You know you are a special kind of athlete when the fans of your program absolutely adore you and the fans of every team you play against has a visceral emotional reaction that borders on insanity. Such is the case for Jordan Lynch, former NIU Huskie player, current NIU Huskie coach, and NFL RB and CFL QB in between.

There is probably no more fitting an ambassador for MACtion than Jordan Lynch. Whether it was timing or skill set, or the intersection of the two, when you think mid-week football and the high octane offense of MAC programs, NIU’s run with Jordan Lynch at the helm is at the top of your mind.

Though his pro career was far from noteworthy, his college career was an all-timer. Throwing for over 6200 yards and rushing for over 4300 landed him a spot as a Heisman finalist and the holder of nearly every rushing by a QB record in the NCAA. More importantly, he was able to do the thing that most every MAC program struggles with: consistency after the departure of another star player (Chandler Harnish).

As a Ball State fan, I feel like a Red Sox fan when talking about Derek Jeter. I watched Lynch torch the MAC for years, and while I didn’t like it, I have to respect it. He was without question great for NIU, great for the conference, and an exciting player to watch.

The fans spoke, so welcome Jordan Lynch to the Hustle Hall of Fame.