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Hustle Belt Hall of Fame Nominations: Bowling Green

Where Falcons fans get the chance to make sure we put the right people up for the vote

They say the summer time is a slow time for the sports world. Slow? Maybe. But it’s also a good time to do some things that perhaps we (and ultimately, you) don’t have time for through the hustle and bustle of the sports calendar year. So in that accord, we’re happy to be undertaking a bit of a project this summer where the best and brightest of the Mid-American Conference gets recognized forever in the hallowed halls of Hustle Belt, the web’s premier home for MACtion and all things MACtion-related, in the newly crafted Hustle Belt Hall of Fame.

Here’s how the Hall of Fame works:

  1. Some info and the schedule for the Hall of Fame can be found here.
  2. Nominations are solicited from the community via a post just like this one for each of our MAC programs.
  3. After all MAC programs’ nominations, no more than 10 nominees are put forward for each school and a poll is created.
  4. The top two vote getters in each school’s poll is inducted into the Hustle Hall of Fame. Simple.

Next up is the Bowling Green Falcons!

It’s a funny thing about Bowling Green. The Falcons are sneakily one of the best MAC programs in the conference. Think about it. From coaches to athletes to professionals, BG is a program that has just consistently won and performed to a championship caliber. They’re just quiet about it. BG fans may be the most humble in the conference (compared to some of their counterparts from across the conference) so it was a challenge for our relative BG experts Matt and Randy to provide the consummate list of Falcons worthy of induction. Our initial nominees are:

  • Antonio Daniels, men's basketball
  • Orel Hershiser, baseball
  • Matt Johnson, football
  • George McPhee, hockey
  • Jackie Motycka, women's basketball
  • Marny Oestreng, gymnastics
  • Brooke Pleger, track and field
  • Lauren Prochaska, women's basketball
  • Nate Thurmond, men's basketball
  • Phil Villapiano, football
  • Dave Wottle, track and field
  • James Darrow, men’s basketball
  • Howard Komives, men’s basketball
  • Ali Mann, women’s basketball
  • Ken Murrow, hockey
  • Mark Wells, hockey

Of course, the nominations above are the best we could do, but we are far from the expert that you likely are. So, we’re asking fans like you to tell us who we may have missed (or who shouldn’t be in there) in the comment section below. Do your best, and don’t worry... it’s only for an immortal award.

Comment section, Falcons fans. Come fan with us!