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Toledo unveils new Nike football uniforms

The Nike swoosh appears on the Rockets’ uniforms for the first time since the school’s new apparel deal took effect.

Twitter | Jordan Strack

Toledo officially switched all its athletic apparel over to Nike on July 1, and it did not take long for the new look to find itself circulating on the Internet.

Jordan Strack, of WTOL News 11, first revealed the new look on Twitter Sunday evening.

The new look is a fairly dramatic departure from the Under Armour uniforms the Rockets have worn over the past seven years, which features a triple stripe on the sleeves and a variety of special variant helmets and alternate, one-off uniforms.

Toledo v Western Michigan Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Nike promises at least three uniforms, all set in monochrome from the looks of it. Gone is the outlined number font, which instead is now a sleek, one-color affair. Grey has also been officially introduced into the lineup as an alternate, replacing Under Armour’s yellow third kit, which was a cause for controversy amongst fans.

Like most recent uniform rebrands, Toledo’s takes a more cautiously minimal approach, opting to keep the uniform as no frills as possible. There’s also a de-emphasis on yellow, which was a dominant part of the Under Armour look.

The tops use a double stripe look and eliminates the collar from around the neck and also employs a new, more modern number font.

The pants are all also one color for each kit (home, away and alternate) and feature “Toledo” going down both pant legs. Once again, yellow does not make an appearance, with Nike opting for all-white and all-navy looks for home and away.

One interesting aspect to point out are the helmets. The home helmet is white with a yellow rocket (which is hard to see in the preview), while the away helmet keeps the navy-to-yellow gradient look that became increasingly popular. The alternate is grey with a gold rocket, which is also difficult to decipher from the mock-up.

There’s no word yet if there will be any special variant looks for the Rockets this season. The Rockets are one of two teams in the MAC expected to unveil new uniforms this offseason, as Ohio’s deal with Adidas also started July 1.