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MAC Preseason Media Poll Released

It’s a Toledo world, we’re all just living in it

Each year at Media Day the big takeaway is the preseason media poll. Granted, it’s been a tough stretch for media what with all the fake news memes and such, but when it comes to coverage of the MAC, those in the know are those at Media Day. So, in theory at least, this should be the most accurate slotting of squads in advance of any on-field tangible results or performances.

Your 2017 MAC media preseason poll:

Team (First Place Votes)-Points

MAC East Division
Ohio (11) - 131
Miami (12) - 129
Bowling Green (1) - 88
Akron - 79
Buffalo - 41
Kent State - 36

MAC West Division
Toledo (22) - 142
Western Michigan (1) - 107
Northern Illinois (1) - 89
Eastern Michigan - 74
Central Michigan - 62
Ball State - 30

2017 MAC Championship Game Winner: Toledo (21); Western Michigan (1); Bowling Green (1); Miami (1).

Well, now. There’s things we expected and things that shocked me about this. For example:

  1. Toledo is the odds on favorite to win the MAC this year. Not a tremendous surprise.
  2. The East is wide open, but a virtual dead heat between Miami and Ohio. Also not a surprise.
  3. There’s clearly one hold out each for WMU and Bowling Green. Reveal yourself.
  4. The only other universally held beliefs are that Ball State will be the worst team in the league. I would bet my entire salary that will not be the case. Anyone want to take that bet? Hit me up.

More fun forthcoming from Media Day.