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Football-less Saturdays are almost a thing of the past

Four weeks is all it takes to get us back to normal

I hope you’ve enjoyed your summer. I really do. It’s been a good one for you, I hope. I trust your lawn is in phenomenal shape. I bet your to do list is way shorter than it was with all this good weather and free time. Those long days were the best, weren’t they? Hanging out poolside and drinking cold beers was THE BEST, wasn’t it?

If you’re like me you had a rash of friends’ (or maybe your own) kids start heading back to school this week. First of all, since when did kids head back to school in July? Do school administrators have no soul or conscience? When I was younger, Labor Day was when we headed back. I find it hard to believe the information presented in grade schools has gotten so complicated that we need an additional six weeks or so of instruction. But I digress...

When the kids head back to school, you know that summer is basically over. Sure, it’s still hotter than the fiery hubs of hell (at least where I’m at) but the return to school marks the end of vacations, easy living, and the summer season. But don’t despair. Oh no, this is reason to celebrate. Because it means that football is creeping up on us slow but speeding.

When the final snap occurred in the National Championship last winter, we knew there was a long brutal offseason ahead. We had blips of football like the various pro days, the combine/underwear olympics, signing day, and the NFL Draft, but those are all things on the periphery. We have been without college football, the greatest sport in all the land for basically 7 months now. It’s been too long. Way too long.

But our long national nightmare is nearly over. You’ve got four weeks to get your affairs in order. Football is coming full speed ahead and it waits for nobody. Clean out the cooler, dust off the cornhole boards, and get yourself ready to spend your Saturdays doing what you really love: watching football and debating all things pigskin here at the Belt.