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HBDD: Arnold Schwarzenegger wants MAC news and notes for his 70th birthday

MAC West previews, Jason Taylor’s home school path, WMU Hall of Fame

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Michel Cousteau Photocall for 'Wonders of the Sea 3D' Photo by Antony Jones/Getty Images

If you’re around my age of mid (running towards late) 30’s, then it’s safe to say when you were little there was no Hollywood force larger than Arnold Schwarzenegger. But do a little digging and you’ll find that there may not be a bigger American success than Arnold.

Admittedly, for some, his film career is the defining thing in his life, and it probably should be. But let’s not forget his championship bodybuilding, politics, entrepreneurship, and a whole host of other forays that any one of which would have been challenging for a first-generation immigrant to excel at.

That’s the reason why Arnold is so fascinating to me. In a time and era now where basic grit and resiliency seem to have gone by the wayside, he is the embodiment of it. That, and the fact that Predator was such a cinematic masterpiece. Seriously, it had two future governors in it. AMERICAN CLASSIC.

Today is the Governator’s 70th birthday and what better way to celebrate than with some Mid-American Conference news and notes you may have missed in the Hustle Belt Daily Dump. Now get to the choppa and let’s get to the news and notes...

MAC West Division Preview | CBS Pittsburgh
It’s always nice to check around during the season run up for what other non-MAC sites think about the pending year. This one is following a pattern of “It’s Toledo!” but there is some good effort to actually capture more than the usual two sentence write up per squad and move along.

Jason Taylor Paved Way for Others |
Fascinating look at the legacy and precedent Jason Taylor set for others that were home-schooled through his path to the Akron and beyond. Taylor has always been a very visible example for the MAC and the Zips, but this showcases the examples he set for others along the way.

WMU Names Five to Hall of Fame Class of 2017 | Detroit Free Press
The one thing that I love about the individual schools’ Hall of Fame is that it is such a diverse array of student athletes and sports. I encourage you to take a look and learn their stories, as doing so for our Hustle Hall of Fame made me a much more aware sports fan.

73 of College Football’s Worst Uniforms Ever | SBNation
We celebrate bold uniform strokes around these parts, but even we have our limits. Some of these are just plain awful. It’s likely that someone somewhere in a conference room thought they would be lauded for their creative genius. That isn’t what happened.