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Akron’s Kyle Foster named a candidate for 2017 Peter Mortell Holder of the Year Award

Because holding is more than just chanting “Laces out, Dan!”

Akron Football

Throughout life there are jobs that are thankless. The custodian at your office keeps the place clean. The stay at home parent keeps the family going and the house running. The bus driver makes sure the people who need it most get to where they’re going on time. Such is life for a holder in college football.

Look at the stat sheet for just about any team and you’ll notice that the kicker is almost always the leading point scorer on the team. If you love offense and high scoring perhaps you should shift some of that glory to your favorite holder. Since field goals and extra points don’t happen without the man calling the snap and holding the ball.

Such is life for Akron Zips junior Kyle Foster, the holder for the Zips. But the junior is getting his day in the sun again as he was named a candidate for the 2017 Peter Mortell Holder of the Year. Yes, it’s a thing. And yes, Foster was a semi-finalist for the award last year as well.

Per the Zips release...

University of Akron junior Kyle Foster has been named a preseason candidate for the 2017 Peter Mortell Holder of the Year Award, the HOTY Foundation announced via social media.

Foster, who has played in every game of his collegiate career as the holder, was a semifinalist for the award last season.

In 2016, Foster held for PK Tom O’Leary who went 10-of-11 in field goals while converting 39-of-42 extra points. Foster has never missed or fumbled a snap. In 2015, he assisted PK Robert Stein who finished his career as the Zips’ all-time scoring leader.

The Mortell Holder of the Year Award is presented annually to the nation’s top field goal holder. The committee will select the winner using several main criteria, including quality of cadence, fluidity of hands (catch to hold), position of laces, and post-hold celebrations.

A former Minnesota holder and undrafted Green Bay Packer punter, Mortell created the award in 2015 to promote the importance of his position nationally. He was the inaugural recipient of the award at the 2015 ESPN Home Depot College Football Awards Show. Michigan’s Garrett Moores was the 2016 recipient. For more information, visit:

If I had to do it over again, I think I would have been a holder. I’ve always believed that being a specialist on a football team is the best way to make it big. Specialize in your craft, whether it be kicking, punting, or even holding, and that’s when the big bucks start rolling in. For now, let’s hope that Foster can bring some MACtion to the big stage one hold at a time.