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Ohio’s new Adidas football uniforms revealed on Twitter

Meet the new look, same as the old look (with a few minor changes.)

Ryan Bainbridge | Twitter (@RyanBainbridge0)

Ohio University officially switched over to Adidas-branded uniform apparel today for all sports, but that didn’t stop the university’s new look from finding its way to Twitter late Sunday evening.

The new look from Adidas doesn’t run too far away from what Russell Athletics created for the Bobcats, keeping the classic stripe set-up on the soulders and doing away with the hip stripes on the pants, which were added by Russell last season.

It also looks like the suede green helmets will stay for Ohio, as will the Rufus logos on the bumper.

A couple minor changes (aside from the maker’s mark) are noticible, including a thinner number font and a thinner, more complete collar design. For comparision, here’s the previous jersey:

Ohio v Toledo Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images

There’s no word yet on if there will be alternate jerseys for the Bobcats, who have rocked an all-black look for big games in past season, including in last year’s MAC Championship game.

Regardless, fans should be happy with what didn’t get changed in the transition from Russell to Adidas. As we know, Adidas has been a pariah in the uniform aesthetics world for putting out some rather loud boondoggles. But this initial dedication to keeping it simple for this go-around should excite fans of the program.