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Former Eastern Michigan Eagle Pat O’Connor Making the News For the Right Reasons

I was already pulling for him to make the Lions, this was just icing on the cake

Kenneth Bailey

After completing a ton of preseason stuff the last couple of days, I was tired, and about ready to hit the hay. And then this tweet came across my feed.

So of course I had to read the story, and it’s pretty much exactly what the headline says. As a kid in college, he decided to grow his hair out, and now he has decided to cut it off and donate it for wigs for cancer patients. It’s something he plans on doing each and every year.

So instead of going to bed, I decided to share a heartwarming story. In sports, stories like OJ getting out of prison seem to take up most of the attention, and it’s nice to see a kid doing things the right way. Well done, Pat!