Hustle Belt Hall of Fame

It was fascinating reading about the inductees. All of them were deserving. Next year though, I think a 'catch up' year is needed. Looking at the athletes and coaches who didn't make it in are staggering. I propose 20-25 inductees again next year, without the 2 per school requirement. Akron alone has two Herrmann trophy winners and a champion pole vaulter who missed the cut. Kent Sate had a British open winner and a successful football coach from the 70s who went on to win national coach of the year three times not make it. Central Michigan had a former first overall NFL pick and Dan Majerle and Chris Kaman miss out. Some of the other schools, but not all, can't complain too much about who was left out. Also, I was glad to see some female athletes make it but we need more info and nominees from the non-revenue generating sports to make wise votes.

It all makes for good debate and breaks up the long period of time between the end of the school year and the first football games in August and September. Keep up the good work Hustle Belt!!

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