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Happy 7th Birthday, Hustle Belt!

Kindergarten was a breeze! Can’t wait to learn about the rain cycle.


Being a six-year-old is exhausting.

Now you have to worry about school, worry about making friends with kids you don’t know, worry about having to leave your parents for the first time in your tiny little life. You have to get up early for school, you get introduced to homework (yuck!) and now you have an assigned bedtime (the worst!)

But today is the day all six-year-old long for: the day they turn seven.

August 10, 2010 was a special day for our little sporting blog, which has grown so much since the idea was first created by our OG Matt Sussman. Since our last birthday address, there’s been a lot of change centered around our blog.

We had a transition of leadership, going from Alex to myself and Alan. Our longest-tenured writer (and beloved commenter) Brown and Gold retired after a run that saw him hit the big time on ESPN and cover Western Michigan’s appearance at the Cotton Bowl from Cowboys Stadium.

Our website layout also made a complete and total change, in order to ensure a more mobile-friendly layout and to be easier on the eyes.

In case you forgot what the old layout looked like, here you go:

James H. Jimenez (Screenshot taken July 24, 2014)

Ah, memories.

Seven years is a long time in the world of blogging. Like I said last year, the world has become atune to the endlessly-wonderous world of tech. Cell phones are like family members, treated with care as the guardian of all our photos and keeper of the Gates of the Internet. The Information Superhighway has only gotten more congested as the years pass, with many, many blogs starting up and failing quicker than it takes to make a good fruitcake.

To have made it to seven years is a compliment to you, our readership, for allowing us to be the voice of this thing you love so very much: Mid-American Conference sports.

From the rolling plains of Buffalo, New York to the rows and rows of cornfields (and vibrant campus atmosphere) surrounding DeKalb, Illinois, the land of #MACtion is always up for producing surpises in front of a national audience and we take pride in representing you in reporting on this thing we all love.

Currently, we’re preparing team previews and getting together position rankings and later in the season, we’ll bring back the Hustle Belt Fantasy League, Helmet Stickers, Bet-kakke, MAC haiku and much more of your favorite weekly columns.

We hope as the season progresses to introduce (or reintroduce) many fans old and new to our unique perspective and interact with you on a daily basis on both Facebook and Twitter and through our various articles, columns and miscellany. Seven-year-olds are social beings, after all.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a clarion voice of the Gospel of #MACtion while working with work with our crafty group of fellow MAC fans, be sure to apply here at this handy link and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Here’s to another year of MAC magic.