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New Western Michigan uniforms leaked

Are the Broncos back in black and gold?

Josh Grant (Twitter: @jgrant98)

After a season of numerous interesting uniform combinations, it looks like Western Michigan will adopt simpler uniforms for the 2017 season. Freshman kicker Josh Grant tweeted a picture of the team's new apparel.

With P.J. Fleck in Minnesota, the Broncos will drift away from the "Row the Boat" mantra that inspired many of the uniform designs during Fleck's four-year tenure. The Tim Lester era looks set to revert to the primary color scheme of black and gold utilized when Lester played quarterback for Western Michigan from 1996-1999.

It will be interesting to see if Western Michigan releases a bevy of alternate uniforms or if the program will just stick to one white and one (presumably) black uniform.

The team also donned dozens of different helmets during Fleck's reign, but the new question is: what helmets will stick in the rotation? At MAC Media Day in July, the Broncos displayed a white helmet featuring a black bronco, similar to the one they wore in the Cotton Bowl minus the oars as the helmet stripe. Perhaps they will pair the helmet with the white jersey to create the often-used "Stormtrooper" look for road games.

With this uniform reveal, Western Michigan appears to be the latest college football team to fall into the trend of oversimplifying uniforms. From UCLA to Western Kentucky to Washington State, removing pipings, large jersey fonts, and shoulder stripes in favor of cleanliness is a fad sweeping the nation in 2017.