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BGSU Kicker Jake Suder Earns a Scholarship, and It’s Fantastic

Challenge issued, challenge accepted...

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Mike Jinks offered kicker Jake Suder a chance to earn a scholarship. All Jake had to do was hit a 53 yard field goal, with his teammates huddled around screaming and yelling.


I am usually not a huge fan of these types of tweets, where they clearly were ready for something good to happen. This one is different. The pure emotion and comradery of the team is evident.

The Bowling Green Falcons were terrible last season, especially at the start. They were playing much better by the end of the season, and this tweet might be telling of a special year.

MACtion kicks off on Thursday, Aug. 31st, with Minnesota and their new coach taking on Buffalo. Bowling Green kicks off the season Saturday, Sept. 2nd, against Michigan State. Pun fully intended.