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Hustle Belt Fantasy League 4.0: The Draft

It’s time to bring back that favorite of Hustle Belt traditions: the all-MAC fantasy league.

NCAA Football: Toledo at Northern Illinois Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Football is in the finally in the air and updates are coming out hourly, it feels like. People are scouting NFL preseason games for their mock (and eventually real) fantasty drafts, reading Phil Steele’s college football preview magazines to catch up on what prospects they need to look out for this coming season.

We love to celebrate the MAC and its eccentricities around here. And what better way to do that than conduct a MAC fantasy draft?

For the fourth year in a row, we return to the Hustle Belt Fantasy League, the only virtual gridiron league that features your favorite MACletes! Dizzle will look to defend his virtual MAC Championship in 2017 after upsetting heavy favorite Brown and Gold in the title game 122-104.

This year, we bring back Keith Schessele to replace the outgoing Kaleb Carter, who recently retired from contributing at Hustle Belt.

The draft itself is a 14-round, serpantile-style draft, with each roster holding one quarterback, two running backs, two receivers, one FLEX, one tight end, one kicker and one defense/special teams minumum.

The draft order is as such:

  1. Alex Alvarado, editor emeritus
  2. James H. Jimenez, assistant site manager
  3. Keith M. Schessele, contributor
  4. Justin Coffin, contributor
  5. Mike Karpinski, editor emeritus
  6. Matt Hammond, contributor
  7. Brandon Fitzsimons, commissioner
  8. Dizzle, champion of the HBFL, contributor/columnist

Without further ado: the results of the 2017 Hustle Belt Fantasy League Draft, with keepers from 2016 marked with an asterisk.

Round (direction of round) Alex James Keith Justin Karp Matt H. Fitz Dizzle
1 --> Logan Woodside, QB, Toledo Cody Thompson, WR, Toledo Jarvion Franklin, RB, WMU Jamauri Bogan, RB, WMU Shaq Vann, RB, EMU Gus Ragland, QB, Miami Scott Miller, WR, BGSU Jordan Huff, RB, NIU
2 <-- Terry Swanson, RB, Toledo* Shane Morris, QB, CMU Papi White, RB, Ohio Jon'Vea Johnson, WR, Toledo James Gardner, WR, Miami Corey Willis, WR, CMU Warren Ball, RB, Akron James Morgan, QB, BGSU
3 --> Sergio Bailey, WR, EMU Nick Holley, QB, Kent State Justin Rankin, RB, Kent State Thomas Woodson, QB, Akron Quinton Maxwell, QB, Ohio AJ Ouellette, RB, Ohio Riley Neal, QB, Ball State Datrin Guyton, WR, BGSU
4 <-- Elijah Ball, WR, Ohio Kenny Young, RB, Miami Jared Murphy, WR, Miami Donovan Wilson, RB, BGSU Tyree Jackson, QB, Buffalo Devon Spaulding, RB, CMU Mark Chapman, WR, CMU Jonathan Hawkins, RB, UB
5 --> Alonzo Smith, RB, Miami D'Wayne Eskridge, WR, WMU Cory Lacanaria, WR, Ball St Anton Curtis, WR, WMU Chad Beebe, WR, NIU Ian Eriksen, RB, EMU Josh Cleveland, RB, BGSU Danzel McKinley-Lewis, WR, UT
6 <-- Ohio D/ST Diuely Aristilde, WR, EMU Johnnie Niupalau, WR, EMU Dorian Brown, RB, Ohio Antoine Porter, WR, EMU Akron D/ST Ryan Smith, TE, Miami WMU D/ST*
7 --> Jon Wassink, QB, WMU Miami D/ST Darian Greene, RB, Ball St Jordan Hogue, WR, Ball State Toledo D/ST DJ Brown, WR, NIU Diontae Johnson, WR, Toledo Shane Winmann, TE, NIU
8 <-- Dan Buschmann, TE, EMU Romello Ross, RB, CMU Raekwon James, WR, Kent St NIU D/ST James Gilbert, RB, Ball State* Teo Redding, WR, BGSU Donnie Ernsberger, TE, WMU Kwadarrius Smith, WR, Akron
9 --> LeVante Bellamy, RB, WMU Deric Phouthavong, WR, BGSU Kamathi Holsey, WR, Buffalo Tyler Mabry, TE, Buffalo Travon Chapman, WR, Akron Troy Mangen, TE, Ohio CMU D/ST Art Thompkins, RB, Toledo
10 <-- Brendan Cope, WR, Ohio Mykel Traylor-Bennett, TE, Akron Brandon Childress, WR, CMU Christian Blake, WR, NIU Kyle Shrank, TE, Ball State Eddie Daughtery, WR, EMU Jacob Martinez, WR, Buffalo Sam Martin, WR, Miami
11 --> Kent St D/ST Paul Fricano, K, EMU Tony Poljan, QB, CMU Van Edwards, RB, Akron Jauan Wesley, WR, NIU Tommy Mister, RB, NIU EMU D/ST Jake Suder, K, BGSU
12 <-- Morgan Hagee, K, Ball St Myles Washington, RB, Kent State Buffalo D/ST Keishawn Watson, WR, WMU Matt Domer, RB, BGSU Austin Wolf, WR, Akron* Rodney Graves, WR, WMU Devin Reese, WR, Ball State
13 --> Nick Dowd, K, Miami Tyler Conklin, TE, CMU* Tom O'Leary, K, Akron Malik Dunner, RB, Ball State Jameson Vest, K, Toledo Christian Hagan, K, NIU Louie Zervos, K, Ohio* Breck Turner, RB, EMU
14 <-- Spencer Tears, WR, NIU Adam Mitcheson, K, Buffalo Brogan Roback, QB, EMU* Josh Grant, K, WMU Luke Mayock, WR, Miami Kameron Pickett, RB, Buffalo Andrew Parchment, WR, NIU Jarret Doege, QB, BGSU

We also recorded our draft live if you’re interested in watching the insanity that is putting a bunch of bloggers with bad internet connections together. At one point, there’s a breakfast sandwich and a story about an outdoor surprise: