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Paul Haynes On Medical Leave

It comes to us as a shock

NCAA Football: Kent State at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The wife, myself, and the kids had our typical Sunday evening, where we take care of projects around the yard and grill out. And of course I drink. Once I have had my fill, I load up the old Youtube and listen to the blues. Occasionally I will load up twitter, too. It’s almost always a mistake, as I get drawn into conversations I should never have, let alone while drunk.

Sometimes, I get news that I am unable to process.

I stopped following Sallee a long time ago for a variety of reasons, mostly my own insecurities as a bad sports blogger. Partly because I think he is a tool, again, the blame is probably on me.

Anyway, I like Paul Haynes. While he hasn’t exactly brought Kent a bunch of wins, I do thing he has handled some serious injury challenges with deft ability. This season was the make or break season, at least in my opinion. Holley is now the full time starter at QB. The defense, while missing some pieces on the back end, still has potential.

And now, while seemingly coaching for his job, he is going to be out because of a medical leave? And then back in 2 to 3 weeks? Is it serious? Is it not? I don’t know, and it’s a lot to process. Clemson, Howard, Marshall, Lousiville. Kent could go 2-2 there or 1-3. Is Haynes going to be back at 100 for the MAC? We still don’t know.

That’s a lot of questions. What isn’t a question is that the entire MAC is hoping for his recovery through a difficult time and praying with his family. His coaching ability (which I think is underrated) is irrelevant. Thoughts and prayers, coach Haynes and family. While confused, we certainly care more for the man than the coach.