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2017 Best Football Players In The MAC: #15 Quentin Poling, LB, Ohio Bobcats

Ohio lost a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball, but return a great linebacker.

NCAA Football: Camellia Bowl-Ohio vs Appalachian State Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes reading a beat writer talk about a player on his beat can be, shall we say, a waste of time. The hyperbole will be high, and the opinion will be from the view of a fan. In the case of Quentin Poling, the Ohio Bobcats linebacker, I believe a beat writer did a fantastic job describing just what he means to the team.

This article by Cameron Fields of The Post Athens was written last season. It should be noted (and it is in the article) that the Bobcats defense was loaded last season with talent. Several of the guys mentioned in the article have moved onto the NFL. This will make it much harder on Poling this season. Lesser players shrink in the face of adversity. I expect Poling to add to his already impressive resume’.

The 6 foot tall, 235 pound linebacker from Gomer, Ohio was a team captain last season. His play on the field earned him first team All-MAC honors. He was a part in 110 tackles, 13.5 of which resulted in a loss. 6 times in his career he was named the MAC East Defensive Player of the Week.

His ability was apparent early on. As a sophomore, he was named CFPA National Defensive Performer of the Week. He had 3 interceptions in a game to garner that award. He led the team in tackles on the season and had 5 sacks.

I think one of the things that makes me good at what I do is that I am flexible. I question and rethink every opinion I have.

Generally, top player lists are going to be dominated by offensive guys. Quarterbacks especially and then the running backs and wide receivers. If a defensive guy creeps up, it’s usually because of sacks or interceptions. Ours really isn’t much different. I will toot our own horn a bit and say that I think we did a good job of including some of the more unsung heroes like offensive linemen and safeties.

All that being said, I am rethinking how high we have Mr. Poling ranked. I think we might have dropped the ball a bit and have him too low. I never said we were perfect. We aren’t. But we are close and don’t you ever forget it!