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Western Michigan is getting a new Buster Bronco

Because WMU is all about the new era

Alex Alvarado

I’ll give it to the Western Michigan Broncos. They are embracing the new full throttle with the changing of the guard to the Lester Era in Kalamazoo. It’s gotta be difficult to change streams so suddenly. From Row The Boat to We Will Reign, and a continuation of the social media and flashy videos they are trying their level best to maintain the momentum by He Who Shall Not Be Named.

Today, Western announced that their new era is leaving no stone unturned as even Buster Bronco is getting a redo.

September 16th isn’t that far away, so I’m hopeful that Buster isn’t on some crash diet and workout plan. I can’t imagine the all cabbage or all hard boiled eggs or Atkins situation would make for a very pleasant mascot.

I’m sure there’s a long term lifestyle choice that might be better for Buster. Maybe he knows an independent distributor for Advocare or ItWorks or BeachBody or some other awesome way to make full time money with part time commitment. If he has just a few moments, I’m sure someone would be more than happy to change his life.

Regardless, mark your calendars for September 16th. New Buster is coming in hot.